Why should I get a legal license?

Besides getting a legal license to buy, possess, transport and use marihuana.


Safety, purity, and knowing the exact specifications of what you are consuming, helps you develop a better understanding of the effect that different strains of marihuana has on you as an individual.
Marijuana grown by Canadian Licensed Producers are free of pesticides, contaminates and are grown in environments that optimize quality assurance and sanitation. The most important benefit that you begin to receive when you become a licensed medical marihuana user is knowledge.


Extreme level of details on the chemistry and history of how the product with planted, grown, cultivated, processed, packaged and stored is now documented and supplied to you the patient with every order. For likely the first time, with this information available, you will be able to fine tune your personal tastes and preferences in cannabis types available in a wide variety of strains.


Now that product specifications include the tested levels of THC and CBN, you can also begin to understand the effects of CBN and the variety and weighting of terpenes within individual strains. Guaranteed Supply.