Truths About Marijuana

Marijuana is not a cure. It is medicine to assist in providing patient comfort and relieving their symptoms. Treatment conditions range from: arthritis, inflammation, intense pain, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, indigestion, and eating disorders, to many chronic diseases.

Cannabis has been used as an effective natural human medicine for thousands of years. From ancient Egyptian times, until the 1930’s, when every major U.S. drug company had medical cannabis products on the shelves. During the U.S. prohibition, along with alcohol, marijuana was banned and remains an illegal substance in most countries until this day. Eighty years later, the medical applications for marihuana are being rediscovered. Today, medical strains with varying intensities of ‘special medicine’, known as cannabinoids, are produced by Health Canada Licensed Producers and are used legally by licensed patients.

Marijuana or marihuana. The Oxford dictionary, Health Canada and most non-U.S. medical journals spell it marihuana. MMPRS spells it both ways, and often refers to this natural human medicine by its plant name, cannabis.