Patient Services

We take the confusion, uncertainty and time out of navigating through the system, filling out what seems like an endless number of forms, and encountering resistance from the medical community along the journey.

Medical Marihuana Patient Registration Services will:

  • verify that you qualify as a candidate for the Health Canada legal medical marijuana program
  • perform a 20-30 minute phone consultation prior to booking your appointment
  • prepare you for what to expect during your visit with the doctor
  • work with you to schedule an appointment with one of our medical clinics and doctors
  • provide authorized professional medical practitioners to perform your assessment and provide your prescription
  • from over 350 available strains, recommend the specific strains for best results, given your specific condition
  • coordinate & complete all 25 pages of medical & patient paperwork to obtain a prescription
  • from over 30 authorized growers, select and complete your registration with a Health Canada Licensed Producer, as per the MMPR Regulations
  • follow up every few months to monitor your progress and health
  • update, change, modify your registration and medical profile
  • update, change, modify your cannabis prescription
  • update, change, modify the Licensed Producer that provides your medicine
  • customer care is available 24/7 to answer inquiries that you may have regarding your registration, prescription or your legal Medical Marihuana License