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Register with MMPRS and you can be part of our live Clinical Study.

You can participate in our ongoing living clinical study. By providing permission to use your information, we can gather the real life experiences, and ultimately proof that cannabis promotes the health and well-being of many types of patients, with a wide range of ailments.

Through direct feedback that you provide, we can collect the scientific and statistical evidence to support the natural effects of marijuana, as a treatment for a variety of mental and physical illness. Clinical studies provide the evidence required for insurance companies to begin to provide prescription coverage for medical marihuana.

To gauge the effectiveness of the medicine, we will periodically contact and follow up with you every few months or when you feel like contacting us
Be part of a virtual “Hall of Records’’ of patient feedback on the medicinal benefits of cannabis on humans. Support the growth of the largest universal expert database, where your contributions make you the expert in your treatment and application of the medicine as an individual.