Treatment Conditions

 Medical marihuana can assist in relieving a variety of conditions from chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, and stress to epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

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Patient Services

We take the confusion, uncertainty and time out of navigating through the system, filling out what seems like endless forms, and finding a Doctor.

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Service Fees

MMPRS registration and consultation services are valued at $245.00 plus tax. Our patients benefit from a streamlined process to get their legal licenses quickly.

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Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with one of our authorized medical personnel, sign up to schedule a date and time to get started. MS Win v10 users – Sign Up not working

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About Us & What We Do

Medical Marihuana Registration Services Inc. (MMPRS), is a service to streamline the registration for patients interested in the legal use of marihuana to assist in the management of their chronic medical condition or disease.
We are a network of nursing professionals (B.Sc., RPN, RN, NP, MN) servicing patients across Canada.  MMPRS provides around the clock Concierge Appointment Service (mobile and skype appointments).
Enjoy the freedom to live in comfort.

Changes in Public Acceptance

Public opinion on marijuana has changed dramatically. Today’s parents and young adults have a much more open mind. Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is a believer.

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Truths about Marijuana

Marijuana is not a cure. It is medicine to assist in comforting patients, and relieving their symptoms, or condition, whether it be chronic pain, disease, or other disorder.

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Why should I get a legal license?

Besides being Legal; access to clean, safe, laboratory tested medicine, makes the difference. Knowing the specifications of the strains you receive is empowering.

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Be part of our live Clinical Study

Register with MMPRS today! Our Medical Doctors, are sympathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable, about the use of cannabis as a natural human medicine.

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